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ABO™ Advanced Back Office is a feature-rich back-office software for independent grocers

NCR Advanced Back Office (ABO) is a feature-rich, back-office POS software application designed to help independent grocers quickly maximize productivity. NCR ABO is designed to be easy to learn, use and manage. It has proven to reduce training time up to 70%

Empowers you to control your operations

NCR ABO provides you with complete control of item-level data, giving you a new ability to control pricing, margins, categories and product assortment by using the latest technology available. By engaging in a “live” interaction with the point-of-sale (POS), the back-office software is capable of giving real-time inventory, movement and POS pricing. Interaction with warehouses and vendors is seamless, giving you the best tools to control pricing and ordering. This Microsoft® .NET Framework-based software is a complete in-store solution that includes wireless (mobile computer) maintenance, auditing, tag printing and direct store delivery (DSD) receiving.

Empowers you to control your operations

Utilizing industry standards, ABO is developed with numerous interfaces to a multitude of other systems. This flexibility allows you to easily integrate with those systems to meet your business needs, which includes:

Features include


NCR Advanced Back Office provides seamless integration and communication to the front end through supporting POS flags and pricing methods of NCR ACS. Pricing and other item attributes can be changed in real time using the Immediate Maintenance screen, or through the use of several batch types. The batches can run concurrently, so that an item in multiple batches will transition seamlessly from one price change to the next. With NCR Advanced Back Office, batches of price changes are not simply dropped off; there is an additional safeguard to make sure the batch is actually applied.


Manage inventory with the ability to make adjustments to incoming and outgoing items. Movement can also be adjusted and inventory cycle counts can be tracked. Inventory and Data Collect reports are customizable to the individual store's needs.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Receiving and ordering can be done from a compatible hand held unit or from the ABO Store interface. Create and review receiving documents, purchase orders, and store transfers. ABO also gives you the ability to print out customizable purchase orders and receiver recaps.


Customizable Movement reports, TPR On/Off Report, Advanced Item Review, Special Price On/Off Report, DSD, Inventory, and more are available in the ABO software.

Price verifier kiosk

NCR Advanced Back Office utilities such as “Host-to-Store compare” and “Store-to-POS compare” make it very easy to verify that an item file is in sync. The Item Review Dashboard allows for several different functions all in the convenience of a single screen.

Hand-held price audit

Price check and edit pricing, department, vendor, and POS flags directly from a compatible hand held unit. Enter and manage inventory and cost.

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