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"Recently we upgraded our POS/software system and became a client of ITRS. Let me just say Best.Move.Ever!!!! The software program is second to none. Being Windows based it is user friendly and easy to learn. This leads me to the BEST part of ITRS!!! Their tech support!!! I had sent an email to Aaron and in less than 30 minutes, he had responded, dialing into the computer to SHOW (not just tell) me how to get what I needed. That is excellent tech support! In a nut shell, the software program is excellent, just watch a demo, you'll be hooked. Tech support is second to noneā€¦.it's what makes ITRS stand out from the rest!!!!"

-Denise Melton
-Gail Dove
Wadesboro IGA #4470

"We have used Interstate TRS for quite some time now. Just a brief note to let you know that if you are thinking of an upgrade for your business, Interstate is an excellent choice. We have used Interstate for all of our cash register needs and approximately 4 months ago we upgraded to their new system. This system has reduced the amount of time I have to spend at least in half if not more. I was so amazed just how simple upgrade has helped us. The change was hassle free with no complications. Any time you have as much as a simple question, they are just a phone call away and will always help you. I strongly encourage you if you are looking for that upgrade to speak to these guys and let them demo it for you. Once you get that demo, you will be as impressed as we were."

- Kathy Harvey
Store Manager
Cornerstone IGA

         alohaInterstate Total Retail Solutions is the premier point-of-sale and security dealer for the US east coast region, servicing thirteen states from Florida to Pennsylvania and every region in between. ITRS has provided world class hardware and software solutions for more than 30 years. Customer service and superior implementation quality is paramount in every transaction ITRS is involved in. Our company is built on customer relation and we strive to ensure that each and every customer experiences a gold standard. Our turnkey installation process makes the transition to our POS or security system a smooth and enjoyable process. From one on one training to corporate level environments, ITRS ensures that the job is completed timely and successfully. At the end of the day ITRS wants our customers to feel comfortable with the equipment we provide and service we provide.


         ITRS is a proud member of the Retail Solutions Providers Association, RSPA. This organization is built on the feedback and opinion of its member's customers and we are proud to be recognized as an RSPA Certified provider. This qualification is earned by the response of ITRS's current customers. ITRS is rated as a 5 of 5 star elite retail solutions provider. ITRS holds this standard as a testament to our drive for customer satisfaction. Please visit our listing on RSPA by clicking here.

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