Grocery POS Solutions

ITRS offers the leading grocery POS systems on the market today from NCR and IBM/Toshiba to provide you with the best possible fit for your business. Whether it's for one store or a group of stores, contact us today for your FREE POS/Security analysis and an ITRS Sales Engineer will work with you to help you find the solutions that will work best.


With highly refined cashier and consumer interfaces designed by NCR Human Factors Engineers, retailers using NCR Advanced Checkout Solution typically experience increased productivity of 15 to 25 percent and reduced training time of up to 75 percent. NCR's ACS-IR provides you and your staff with an easy-to-use checkout solution, and the back office accounting and reporting tools to match. Speak with our Sales Engineers today to see how ITRS and NCR can improve your customers' checkout experience today.

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NCR Advanced Back Office

NCR's ABO is a back office solution designed with ease-of-use and powerful sales batch management in mind. It can help your store's price management personnel more efficiently track sales, check in vendors, and provide you with the insight into your store's day-to-day operation that will help you make decisions to improve even the best of bottom-lines.

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IBM/Toshiba POS

Toshiba's proven checkout solution, formerly owned by IBM, is one of the most common checkout systems in use throughout the world. Based around a custom hardened operating system, 4690 OS, Toshiba's checkout systems can provide your business with the rock-solid reliability and functionality you need. With both speedy keyboard and easy-to-operate touchscreen options available, we at ITRS can help you find the perfect fit for any and all of your store's needs.

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IG Manager Back Office

IG Manager is a complete suite of back-office tools and programs designed from the ground up with store personnel in mind. This home-grown solution for DSD receiving, in-store house charge accounting, hosted price tracking and updating (and more!) can help take a store from manual tag pricing, manual sales pricing and tracking, and less-than-accurate vendor tracking to a fully integrated solution that automatically provides you with the information you need to get ahead. From movement reports to AD/Markdown sales analysis, contact us to see just how IG Manager can help you today!

Self Checkout Solutions

NCR's FastLane self check-out system is the premier solution on the market today. With cash and coin recycling, the newest versions of the FastLane family of products need even less manual intervention than before, using the money it gets from customers to restock its change dispensers. The industry standard for years, FastLane provides the self-checkout experience that customers have come to welcome. ITRS can help you with determining the right way to integrate this increasingly-popular option into your store.