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NCR Advanced Checkout Solution

Whether a retailer runs two stores or 200, NCR offers the best software solution regardless of store size or sales volume. Offering superior promotion flexibility, NCR Advanced Checkout Solution can be customized for larger retailers or packaged for smaller ones. Currently installed in more than 50 thousand checkout lanes, NCR Advanced Checkout Solutiondoes not require an extensive IT staff and offers a wide range of back office compatibilities.

Engineered for supermarkets, hypermarkets and chain drug stores

With highly refined cashier and consumer interfaces designed by NCR Human Factors Engineers, retailers using NCR Advanced Checkout Solution typically experience increased productivity of 15 to 25 percent and reduced training time of up to 75 percent.

Customizable or Packaged Solution

NCR designed NCR Advanced Checkout Solution for customization, which allows retailers to change almost any aspect of the system. ACS offers an extensive set of options and tools to customize front-end and back office screens, receipt, customer display and much more.

Powerful, Differentiated Promotions

NCR Advanced Checkout Solution provides a Consumer Marketing (CM) module to implement powerful promotional pricing programs with or without a shopper loyalty card. CM helps retailers implement customized loyalty programs to attract and retain the most profitable customers.

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