Network PCI Security

Understanding and navigating today's network security and PCI compliance requirements can almost be a full time job! ITRS is here to help you with a complete turnkey solution for your stores network: Managed PCI-compliant firewalls, assistance with the required yearly Self-Assessment Questionnaire, quarterly external vulnerability scans, secure Wi-Fi for your store, 3G/4G cellular backup modems to aid in uninterrupted credit card processing and many other features. All of the solutions are maintained and supported through the same 24/7 helpdesk as your other ITRS POS and security products. ITRS and its managed network solutions work to take care of your in-store network needs and lets you focus on what you do best: Taking care of your customers.

Contact us today for your FREE POS/Security analysis and an ITRS Sales Engineer will work with you to help you find the solutions that will work best.

Managed PCI Compliant Firewalls

  • Segment your other network devices away from your Credit Card processing equipment
  • 24/7 managed firewall, required for PCI
  • $100,000 Breach assistance policy to protect your business
  • Secure remote access, required for PCI

3G/4G Cellular Backup

  • High-speed cellular backup for ISP outages
  • Continue to take credit, debit, EBT/eWIC if your internet goes offline
  • No procedural changes for onsite staff in the event of a backup

In-Store Secure Wi-Fi

  • Secure Wireless Access Points with multiple Wi-Fi base stations
  • Wi-Fi for order management devices, DSD and Scan Coordinator handhelds, and any other critical devices
  • Convenient customer Wi-Fi

PCI Compliance Online Portal

  • Personal online PCI portal
  • Assistance with required PCI yearly Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Perform required quarterly external vulnerability scans
  • Rogue device detection